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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

At Amlou we believe in supporting true talent and craftsmanship. When we met Merliza Yadao she gifted us with one of her beautiful coasters. We knew instantly we had to have her macrame creations for Amlou. She has a background in weaving, now specializing in macrame she has realized she finds comfort in working and creating with her hands throughout the years. She loves experimenting with different types of ropes and colors to truly create unique patterns and sizes. One piece takes her nearly two hours to complete because she puts care, precision into every detail. Born on the Island of Hawai'i, Merliza has found a home with us, putting passion and care in every work of art.

Supporting smart, independent working women is an important focus for us at Amlou because we truly believe women should support and lift each other. We are so blessed to work with Merliza and we look forward to collaborating with other amazing artists to provide a personal experience in every order.

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How cool!! I love this story! 💛

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