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Dessert Glamping

A true Moroccan experience comes from the dessert that is so close by. There’s a beautiful eco camp just outside the Medina called Terre Des Etoiles. Everything is sustainable, made to promote growth in the barren desert. This Eco camp has their own garden for a true farm to table dining experience. It’s a hidden gem for those who can’t make it to the famous Sahara Desert and not any less magical. Imagine a day of exploring the Agafay desert riding up and down the dunes, stopping at a traditional tea tent enjoying a perfect cup of Berber mint tea and absolute silence. Sunset camel rides with the view of the Atlas Mountains in the background and the blazing desert sun falling under the horizon. As the evening settles, enjoying a beautiful meal straight from the garden under a tremendous tent and ending the nigh stargazing. You inhale the dessert night breeze with cackling crisps from an open fire, a perfect Arabian night.

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