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AMLOU: Labor of Love

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Amlou is made from tirelessly grounding roasted almonds around a stone grinding using precious argan oil that is indigenous to Morocco.

Home swimming pool

In Marrakech, you take a walk out and feel the madness of the Medina, cars and motorcycles in every direction, carts jostling around, people hurrying about their daily lives. It’s overwhelming to the senses to say the least, but what the city also is, is a city of stark contrasts. What people don’t see behind closed doors is the quiet moments of enjoying fresh baked mseman with a healthy scoop of Amlou often accompanied by Moroccan mint tea. What you also don’t know is how much work goes into making this Berber almond butter that is only sold in artisanal stores due to the process. Amlou is made from tirelessly grounding roasted almonds around a stone grinding using precious argan oil that is indigenous to Morocco. So rare that UNESCO works hard to preserve the argan oil trees. The final process is drizzled honey to mix in with the fragrant paste. It is absolutely delicious: sweet, savory and extremely satisfying. This is a treat that brings the best qualities of Morocco for a morning or afternoon of solitude, something that also seems rare in the Medina.

Medina: Scents

When you walk through the red walled city, there is an old world feeling. You truly believe you have been transported back in time. An era where timeless traditions stand tall, where bread is still baked daily in stone hearths and fire. Where cactus thrive, and craftsmanship can be seen on every corner, every doorway and in every shop. It is truly an authentic city that doesn’t bend to outsiders but rather is blazon and uncompromising in the most magical way possible. When you wake to the call of prayer, you smell the distant smoke from bread shops, inside your Riad lemon trees are blooming with their blossoms emitting that beautiful subtle delicate scent. There’s a kind of musk in the narrow alleys and the taste of Moroccan mint from tea always lingers on the tongue.

Dessert Glamping

A true Moroccan experience comes from the dessert that is so close by. There’s a beautiful eco camp just outside the Medina called Terre Des Etoiles. Everything is sustainable, made to promote growth in the barren desert. This Eco camp has their own garden for a true farm to table dining experience. It’s a hidden gem for those who can’t make it to the famous Sahara Desert and not any less magical. Imagine a day of exploring the Agafay desert riding up and down the dunes, stopping at a traditional tea tent enjoying a perfect cup of Berber mint tea and absolute silence. Sunset camel rides with the view of the Atlas Mountains in the background and the blazing desert sun falling under the horizon. As the evening settles, enjoying a beautiful meal straight from the garden under a tremendous tent and ending the nigh stargazing. You inhale the dessert night breeze with cackling crisps from an open fire, a perfect Arabian night.

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